The Fusion Living Guide to Dining Chair Types

Welcome to the Fusion Living guide to dining chairs, your one-stop shop for all the information and inspiration you could need for choosing a new dining set. 

So, if you have found yourself struggling to decide what styles and designs might be the best fit for your home, then you are sure to find the help and advice you’re looking for here. 

We have broken down our top dining chair options into designs, styles and materials to help you narrow down your search. 

Table of Contents 

  1. Classic Dining Chair Designs 
  2. Dining Chair Materials
  3. Styles of Dining Chairs

What are the Different Types of Dining Chairs? 

When you begin shopping for dining chairs, you might not realise how many options are out there. But there is not just one simple dining chair design, and there is, in fact, a multitude of styles and frame options for you to choose from. 

By learning and browsing the different dining chair types available, you can make the perfect decision in finding the right chairs for your home. 

For more inspiration, you can explore our guide to matching your dining chairs and table to help you create your dream dining area. 

Classic Dining Chair Designs 

To get started, we have put together what we think are the most popular and iconic dining chair designs. These frames are iconic and offer shapes and silhouettes that will never fall out of style.

Side Chairs

We believe that the classic side chair is the most widely popular dining chair design, and for a good reason. Perfectly suited to the kitchen and dining room, a side chair can be dressed up or down to suit every aesthetic and decor theme. 

This standard dining chair is designed without arms, making it a perfect choice for seating more chairs around particularly large dining tables. Likewise, they blend seamlessly in a kitchen space to create an elevated yet functional dining area.

Shop our popular side chair dining range online now, and browse a wide variety of styles on offer.


The other classic dining chair construction is a dining room armchair. An update on the traditional side chair design, this style features arms for a more relaxed and comfortable seating arrangement. 

Our favourite way to style dining armchairs is to sit them at the ends of the dining table, with side chairs lining the edges. 

We love the look of mixing and matching different dining chairs, and the easiest way to achieve this is with a couple of armchairs thrown into the mix. You can explore various stylish armchair options at Fusion Living, complementing styles to our side chair range. 

Dining Chair Materials 

Beyond their silhouette and construction, dining room chairs are often categorised by their materials. There are a huge variety of options available on the market, with materials sure to suit any home and decor theme. 

Keep reading for a breakdown of the most popular material options you might want to consider for your dining room chairs. 

Upholstered Dining Chairs

For an elegant and refined look, many people look first for upholstered dining chairs. 

As comfortable as they are practical, upholstered chairs are chosen for their aesthetic and the elevated look they achieve in any dining space. 

With plush seat cushions and soft textures, upholstered dining chairs can be found in every type of dining chair frame.

In our collection, you can browse upholstered dining chairs in a variety of styles and options. From dining chairs totally covered in soft and plush material to styles featuring upholstered seat cushions and other accents. 

Plastic Dining Chairs

Ultra-modern style is on offer in the form of plastic dining chairs. Available in a range of budget options to more ornate and crystalline constructions, this unique dining chair choice is not to be overlooked. 

Plus, plastic dining chairs are easy to wipe and keep clean, making them a popular choice for households with young children. 

Explore plastic dining chairs in a variety of styles and designs, from translucent to a rainbow of colour options. With plastic dining chairs constructed entirely of plastic to chairs with plastic seats and details on frames of more materials. 

Metal Dining Chairs

Favoured for their often holistic designs, metal dining chairs are an increasingly popular option as they blend well with contemporary style. 

With moulded seats and elevated silhouettes, metal dining chairs look fantastic when juxtaposing wooden tables for a farmhouse style that meets an industrial look. This is also a great way to soften the look of metal dining chairs and add depth to your space with a range of materials utilised in the decor. 

Begin your exploration of metal dining chairs and browse full metal constructions or styles featuring metal accents or frames to create your dream dining area. 

Our Top 3 Dining Chair Styles 

Now that we have covered the different construction and material options, you should have a good idea of what kind of direction you might want to take for your dining area theme. 

But what about your personal style?

We believe at Fusion Living that you shouldn’t have to compromise on the style you love when choosing practical and comfortable dining chairs. To help you with inspiration, we have broken down our popular dining chairs styles on offer. 

  1. Traditional 

Traditional and classic style is usually accompanied by rich detail and plush comfort. So, if you’re looking for a refined style for your dining room, then this is the option for you. Filled with old-fashioned materials crafted into up-to-date shaping, classic and traditional dining seating is the style that can be dressed up or down to enhance any dining experience. 

  1. Modern 

Ensure your home is always ahead of the curve with contemporary and modern dining chairs and furniture. Featuring minor embellishments to enhance beautiful minimalism, modern dining chairs perfectly blue the lines between function and form. 

  1. Vintage 

You can elevate any space with ornate decor, and this is showcased with vintage dining chair furniture. Ideally paired with basic tables, vintage dining chairs should always be the highlight of the dining area, and there is no better way to achieve this. 

Shopping for Dining Chairs 

We hope that our guide to different dining chair styles and designs has helped you with inspiration for what to choose for your home. 

Take the next steps and explore our full dining chair collection online now at Fusion Living, and find even more unique options. Look for more ways to elevate your dining area with tables and dining sets also on offer.

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