The Fusion Living Guide to Contemporary Living Furniture

If you have been shopping for stylish furniture for your home, then you have no doubt come across the term ‘contemporary’. But what does it mean exactly?

Find out everything you need to know about contemporary furniture here before you go on to furnish your home with this popular style trend. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What kind of furniture is contemporary? 
  2. What is the difference between contemporary and modern?
  3. Contemporary design in furniture
  4. What is soft contemporary style?
  5. Contemporary dining room furniture 

What kind of furniture is contemporary? 

To put it simply, contemporary design furniture takes inspiration from what is currently popular. So it’s essentially the current style trends that take cues from a range of styles and eras with an overall minimalist look. 

A couple of years ago, what might have been classed as the contemporary style will probably no longer fit into the description today. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not still stylish even if they’re no longer trending. 

What is the difference between contemporary and modern?

Another important point to note is that contemporary and modern styles are not the same, although they can sometimes look similar. 

The fundamental difference lies within modern design, following strict and explicit stylistic principles that are unchanging. Whereas we’ve already deduced that contemporary style is swift and evolving to meet new trends. 

What time period is contemporary furniture?

The definition of contemporary is ‘of belonging to the present’, so we can not put a time stamp on contemporary furniture. 

Unlike modern furniture design, which falls between the late 1800s and the mid-1900s. 

Contemporary design in furniture

As we’ve covered, contemporary design changes and evolves, so what is considered contemporary design in 50 years will look a lot different from what we class it now. 

However, this does not mean that your furniture choices can not be timeless, and we are sure that by choosing the perfect fit for you, you can pick furniture that you will always love for your home. 

To help, there are a few fundamentals that are building the contemporary furniture marketplace at the moment that you might want to know about. 


By now, we can all appreciate that sustainability is trending, and people are making moves to be more sustainable in all areas of their lives. This includes their home decor. 

So, it is no surprise that current contemporary furniture design heavily features a sustainable style. People tailor their furniture choices to reflect a more sustainable ethos, which is why you will find a lot of bamboo and hardwood furniture in many contemporary collections. 

The easiest way to add sustainable touches to your home with furniture is with a wooden dining table or coffee table in the home. Decorate with jute placemats, matte or bamboo cutlery and dinnerware, and finish with a flourish of pampas grass or other dried flowers. 


Contemporary furniture is filled with soft edges and curved, clean lines, focusing on chic comfort. 

Unlike modern furniture’s stark, sometimes sterile appearance, contemporary style is paired back to ensure a homely and welcoming aesthetic. It promises the perfect mixture of on-trend showhome vibes with a well-lived and comforting atmosphere. 

To achieve this, pair your contemporary seating with plush cushions for a balanced aesthetic. You can also soften uncarpeted flooring with a simple rug added to the scene; choosing a jute material will also help you incorporate sustainability. 

What is soft contemporary style?

The soft contemporary style relies heavily on the use of neutral colour palettes and designs. This is then highlighted by the occasional and slight use of bold colour. 

Typically, a soft contemporary home will feature a colour palette of browns, taupes, creams and pure white. This is paired perfectly with lightly grained woods, glass and fabric upholstery. 

Contemporary dining room furniture 

If you think contemporary furniture sounds like the perfect fit for your home, then now is the time to be inspired by how you can use it to elevate your space. 

In the dining room, you should consider a simple dining table in a neutral colour or opt for a wooden design. We love our Eiffel inspired dining tables for curved and soft edges that utilise a mixture of materials and colours. 

Match this table with darker side chairs for an elevated and dynamic look, or choose a bench to line one side of the table for a style that is right on-trend. 

Complete the picture with a simple vase holding dried flowers for a minimalistic decoration, and accessorise the rest of the room with a comfortable rug and simple artwork or mirrors on the walls.

Next Steps 

Now you have read through our comprehensive guide to contemporary furniture; you can get started on choosing the perfect options for your home. Explore our full range of contemporary tables, seating and more available at Fusion Living today for more inspiration.

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