How to Guide: Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Chair

We all know that the focal point of any bedroom is the bed, as it should be. But did you know that a bedroom is a natural place to add an accent chair for practical purposes and style? If you want to turn your bedroom into something more than just a place to sleep, the addition of a modern bedroom chair gives you a multi-purpose area to enjoy every day. A place for you to relax in comfort while adding a touch of style and personality to your bedroom. Including a transformative piece of furniture in your bedroom makes it easier to make that space an extension of your living space. 

Are you unsure if you need a chair, where you’d place your chair and how to pick one? Don’t worry; we have you covered in our ‘how to guide’ for choosing the perfect comfy bedroom chair. With endless chair options available here at Fusion Living, there is enough variety to allow you to express your personal style while complimenting your existing decor. So, let’s talk about how easy it is to incorporate a bedroom chair into your interior and the different ways it can be used; the possibilities are endless.  

Transparent Plastic Ghost Chair for desk with fur throw

Table of Contents

Purpose and Function  

10 Reasons you need a chair in your bedroom

How do I pick THE Chair?

Where do you put your bedroom chair?

Deciding the Size of your Bedroom Chair

Choosing the Colour

Choosing the Material 

Purpose and Function

You need to decide what you will use your chair for. Is it just for decorative reasons, adding a touch of colour and style to your room? If so, you don’t need to worry about the chair’s practicality and can discover our range of upholstered chairs. Or will it be placed at a dressing table or desk to be used daily? If so, you want a comfortable and supportive chair that is made to last. Maybe it will be a little reading corner that doubles up as a spare chair for big family gatherings. If that’s the case, you should consider a lightweight chair or one with wheels so it can be moved easily..

Black Transparent Plastic Ghost Chair

10 Reasons you need a chair in your bedroom

  1. A perfect accent piece to complement your bedroom decor
  2. It’s a great place to prepare and organise your outfit for the day
  3. It can double up as a desk seat for you to work from creating a workspace
  4. A place for you to dump those clothes that aren’t clean enough to go back away in the wardrobe but aren’t dirty enough to go in the washing machine.
  5. Provides a place for your guests to sit rather than your bed
  6. An opportunity for a reading corner for you to sit comfortably, grab a book and relax
  7. If you need to sit down while you’re putting your socks and shoes on, it would be a great addition to help you out
  8. It’s going to double up, a bedroom chair has the flexibility to be moved around your house when it needs to be, if you have family gatherings, on Christmas day etc.
  9. Ideal as an additional chair for watching TV or playing video games
  10. It can be used as a  vanity chair, creating a space for you to get ready every morning

And we can’t forget, it’s the ultimate place for your little pooch to get comfortable and fall asleep on. 

Transparent Plastic Ghost Chair for make up area with fur throw

How do I pick THE chair?

You need to access your space, a good accent chair can come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics to accommodate your space, whether big or small. Now you know what your chair’s purpose and function will be, you have to start thinking about where you’re going to position the chair. 


Where should you put your Bedroom Chair?

You have quite a few options on where to place your chair, but that primarily depends on the overall purpose of your bedroom chair and the space you have to place it.

Reading Chair –  Ideally, this should be placed in the corner of your room, creating a separate place to relax and unwind. Creating a little nook with bookshelves and a lamp so you can read even at night.

Vanity Chair – I think we all know this needs to be placed with your vanity, you need to make sure that the chair’s height aligns with the vanity and you have enough room to get underneath. If you are clumsy, it might be a good idea to consider plastic chairs that are easy to wipe clean..

Desk Chair – This needs to be placed with your desk, it’s an area where you will spend a lot of your time and be productive. Consider creating an isolated area in your bedroom designed for work purposes. Think about placing this area in a corner or by the window. Remember you need a stable chair with a strong backrest and armrests that will last. You also want it to be comfortable due to the time you’ll spend here.

By the dresser – A classic spot to place a chair, the dresser adds a touch of luxury and practicality. It’s a place where you can have your friends sit as you get ready; you can also plan your outfits out and lay them out ready for the following day. As we mentioned earlier, it can also be used to hold all your clothes that aren’t clean enough to go back into the wardrobe but aren’t dirty enough to go in the washing machine.

Transparent Plastic Ghost Chair for desk

Deciding the size of your chair

Now you know where you will position your chair, you need to start thinking about the size of it. You don’t want the chair to take up too much space and feel overwhelming in the area. A good trick is to grab some old newspaper, magazine or tape, mark out the size of your chair, and get a good idea of the dimensions and how much room you will have around it.  

Now all the practicality and function of the bedroom chair are out of the way with you, you get to make a start on the fun bits where you can express your personality. You must decide what colour, style and fabric you will pick to compliment your existing interior design.

Choose your Colour

Do you want your chair to fit in with your current interior design, or do you want something that will make a statement? A bedroom chair is a perfect way to add some life to your bedroom and tie your colour scheme together. The use of cushions and blankets is also a good way to pull the colours together. 

To keep things more neutral, you should consider natural elements like wood. A wooden frame is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. If you choose a more stubble-coloured bedroom chair, you could add a touch of colour through a cushion or blanket. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour as it can transform a room. 

White Chelsea desk chair with grey cushion

Choosing the Material

This is where you need to think about the day-to-day events that your bedroom chair will come into contact with. Coming in an extensive range of materials, including velvet, metal, wood and plastic, you are spoilt for choice here at Fusion Living. 

If you have little hands that will be able to touch it, have a four-legged friend, or if you are prone to dropping/spilling things, you’ll be better picking a material that is durable and wipeable, like our plastic chairs. If you want to create a cosy and warm atmosphere in your bedroom, consider fabrics and textures that will compliment each other. Add a comfy cushion and blanket. To create a wow moment, a velvet accent chair never fails. It’s soft and inviting and brings some texture into the room, perfect to cosy up on in the winter months.

As you can see, a bedroom chair is so much more than just a chair; it’s a place for you to relax and enjoy but also a practical and functional addition to any space. With endless uses and the opportunity to add style and personality to your home, it’s a no-brainer, right? 

Only you can decide if you’re going to add a chair to your bedroom, you need to determine your requirements, the space you have available and if it would be a useful addition. Now you can easily follow our how-to guide to add an accent chair to your bedroom.  Here at Fusion Living, we have an extensive range of chairs perfect for the bedroom, including our armchairs, Chelsea chairs and more online today. 

Transparent Plastic Ghost Chair for vanity

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