Create A Productive Space With These Home Office Chair Ideas: Interior Guide By Fusion Living

When working from home has never been easier, you must create a space that inspires productivity and heightens your dopamine levels for those tiresome afternoon dips. 

This space should be dedicated to finishing a passion project or a quiet room to meet those never-ending deadlines. The possibilities of styles are endless, and here at Fusion Living, we’ve compiled our favourite home office chair ideas that will inspire you to elevate your home.

From the classic minimalist look to the cosy gamer setup, our ideas maximise space and productivity; whether you’ve got an entire room or a cosy nook, we’ve got some inspiration.


How to create a Scandinavian-styled office

How to get the gamer home office aesthetic

How do you make a minimalist interior office

Add books to your space

How to save space in your home office

How to make your office cosy

How to create a Scandinavian-styled office

The Scandinavian style, originating in the early 1950s, is all about being functional with a minimalistic and simplistic approach. It was created in Nordic countries such as Sweden and Norway, where winter darkness is known all too well. 

The Scandinavian style adds light and cosiness when all is dark and cold by combining soft hues and textures – ideal for creating an elegant office space that rejuvenates your mind.

If this is the look you’re going for, you must master the balance between comfort and style while using natural light. Due to the nature of Nordic countries being darker, natural light is an invaluable source that must be used efficiently.

Freshening up your walls with a crisp white coat of paint will immediately amplify the lighting in your space. Utilise the serene Scandinavian colour palette by incorporating earth tones, such as a stunning oak table.

Remember to focus on texture instead of patterns for a Scandinavian look. Blending stunning velvets and animal skins creates a look far from boring, and while they may not be your biggest priority, these items will make your interior more cosy and inviting.

A stunning velvet desk chair and an array of plants add life to your office space providing you with the perfect finishing touches to your Scandinavian interior.

How to get the gamer home office aesthetic

We’ve all heard the saying “work hard, play harder”, but did you know that you could embody this message with an elite gamer office setup? Ideal for those avid online gamers, this aesthetic of combining sleek modern technology with a minimalistic look equals a stunning overall style.

While this look may appear hard to achieve, it’s quite straightforward. Unlike the Scandinavian style, when creating a gaming setup, you want to create a dark, ambient space that allows illuminating lights to prosper. 

Matt finishes and dark hues compliment each other, and while it may seem like a bold choice to combine matt black walls and dark woods, the matte will soften the room making the textures stand out. 

Investing in some changeable LED lights takes your interior to the next level, allowing you to change to subtle lighting when you’re working from home and switching to a bold brighter colour as soon as you shut your computer down. 

Switch off from work and immerse yourself immediately into the gaming world with this slick setup. 

How do you make a minimalist interior office

Although you may envision your space full of photos, books and a thriving range of plants, for some, to be your best working self, you must get rid of all of the distractions.

Keeping the distractions away doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself away in a styleless nook in your home, as you can still curate a space that helps you thrive and meet your deadlines. 

The minimalist approach in interior design is about keeping what’s practical and shifting away from the things you don’t need. As well as focusing on practicality, specific designs are the key to making your simplistic interior feel homely. 

Easy on the eye, you want to keep soft hues and textures throughout your room as these won’t become overbearing. Use materials, such as light oak wood, on your desk, flooring and sideboard, tying your interior together without needing to over-accessorise. 

Make use of your space by investing in a built-in desk. Cut down on clutter with this distraction-free workspace, and finish off with a neutral desk chair for that soft look. 

Add books to your space

The secret to incorporating books into your interior is giving them a dedicated storage space. This storage space allows you space to actively work while having everything you need surrounding you, which is the key to working efficiently. 

Your collection of books needs a home, and where better than your home office? Books add a timeless elegance to your space when styled correctly, injecting character and charm. So how do we style them right? 

How to incorporate books into your workspace

When incorporating books into your space, you want to find the right balance between book heights and widths, which can be quite challenging. 

Depending on your style, there are two routes you can go down. There’s the sleek look where everything matches and is in pristine order, or you can ditch the formality and go for something less organised, providing a timeless textured backdrop.

Whichever you decide, you can always spruce up your home office by incorporating decor and plants in between your interior to add more depth. 

How to save space in your home office 

When you can’t extend the width of your room, then you can make the most of the height. Adding shelves to your interior allows you to add more decor for styling purposes and gives loose items around your space a permanent home.

How to make your office cosy – the cosy gamer setup 

If you want to create a calm space that oozes happiness and fun, then the cosy gamer aesthetic is exactly what you’re looking for. This setup adds ambient lighting to your home office while retaining neutral and pastel colours,focusing on all things cute. 

To achieve this setup, you need to pick one core colour, which often tends to be a subtle cream or white, to set the canvas, and then pick a core colour lighting option to stand out. 

You want to try and avoid extending your palette as much as possible, as the more colours you apply, the harder it will be to stay tidy and coherent. 

Adding a comfortable white desk chair to this space keeps the core focus on the ambient lighting, all while providing comfort for those work hours. Combined with light wood and plants, you will start to feel the calmness of this space come to life.

These designs prioritise comfort and practicality so that you can work productively. It’s not about finding the most expensive items; it’s about finding the right items for your space. 

Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional desk chair, here at Fusion Living, we offer a vast collection to elevate your office space, and you can explore them now.

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