Our Guide to Everything You Need To Know About Bar Stools

Everyone can appreciate the iconic look that a bar stool adds to your interior. These unique chairs are ideal for spaces with a kitchen island or bar space, providing a comfortable solution for anyone needing a heightened seat.  

That being said, you can’t just add any bar stool to your space. It would help if you considered style, height and comfort. So if you’re unsure how to find the right barstool, we’ve broken down everything you need to know in one handy guide.  


What makes a bar stool different? 

Types of bar stools that we offer

How to find the right bar stool for your home

How to measure your bar stools

What makes a bar stool different? 

Before breaking down the types of bar stools, it may help to understand what exactly differentiates a bar stool from other chairs. A bar stool is designed to offer a comfortable seat which is heightened to support those needing a seat at bars and countertops.

The types of bar stools that we offer

While bar stools can come in various sizes and styles, we have broken them down into six different types.

Ghost Bar stools 

Perfect for sophisticated spaces secluded from the rest of your home, a ghost bar stool may appeal to those looking for something a little more luxurious. Ghost stools come in smokey grey and crystal clear form – offering a transparent look. 

Ideal for contemporary and modern interiors, these glamorous stools can range in various heights, from high kitchen counters to dressing tables. 

Ghost bar stools in the kitchen

Metal Bar stools

Sturdy and durable, metal bar stools are a must-have for those looking for a rustic or modern alternative. Metal bar stools can come in many forms, from industrial styles to art-deco pieces that provide a pop of colour to your interior. 

Metal bar stools often collaborate with other materials like fabric cushions to offer an optimal experience while you wine and dine. So you don’t have to worry about any discomfort. 

Plastic Bar stools

Plastic bar stools provide an easily wipeable surface that can withstand harsh chemicals – making it a great choice for families looking for an easy cleanup after a hectic meal. 

Not only are these stools practical for the everyday home, but they offer huge amounts of comfort and come in various colours and styles, making them an accessible choice for everyone.

Ideal for art-deco to modern interiors, plastic bar stools are an affordable option for those looking for something more standout. 

Wooden Bar stools

An ideal choice for a dining room, wooden bar stools are often mixed with leather and other fabrics to give you a cutting-edge look while keeping your guests comfortable during your dining experience. 

Wood bar stools add warmth and texture – coming in various styles, including deep to light shades and will remain a timeless interior staple. 

Soho Bar Stools

Soho bar stools are essential for any contemporary space and offer a comfortable experience for those long, pleasurable meals. With their slight decline, their four standing legs create a sturdy seat with a stunning modern look.

These are great for both private residential and commercial environments especially given the range of colour options, there is something to suit all styles and interior palettes.

Industrial Bar Stools

Industrial bar stools are just as they sound. They incorporate the rustic look of old-fashioned factories by including steel, wood and iron into modern designs. 

An industrial stool looks great in any space, whether adding a finishing touch to an industrial loft or reclaiming a room with some vintage decor.

How to find the right bar stool for your home

When deciding on the right bar stool, you must consider what you require from your dining seating. Of course, finding the perfect style is important, but you need it to be practical for your home. Ask yourself whether or not you’ll be entertaining guests or will they briefly be used for your morning coffee. 

If you have a busy family home, it may be worth considering a plastic or industrial bar stool to wipe away any food waste without worrying about stains. 

Whereas, if you aren’t using your bar stool very often, you could choose based on pure aesthetics and with more luxurious materials.

Remember to consider which room you’re in. Your dining space and kitchen are the heart of your home, where you entertain family and friends; accommodating your loved ones with comfortable seating is essential.

How to measure your bar stools  

Measuring your countertops will guide you to finding the right bar stools for your interior – yes, it’s that simple. You now have a measurement to work with. To find the height of the bar stool, look in the description of the products online. 

You do not want to get a bar stool of the same height, as this will almost always create an unpleasant experience. The magic formula is to take around 30 cm off the countertop height for the perfect bar stool seat height. Most standard home kitchen worktops are 90cm high and so a bar stool with a seat height of 60-65cm works very well.  If you worktop or counter is higher and particular in a commercial bar environment, you may want your bar stool seat to be 70cm or higher.

Dining room bar stools

Now that you understand which bar stool you’re looking for – it’s time to find it. Bring your home to life by exploring our range of stunning bar stools available at Fusion Living.

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